Progress report #2: Character movement and OpenAL integration

Since the last progress report, I have been working on mainly character collision, audio and netcode improvements. For the character collision, I used Bullet Physics library which I only use for collision detection. I do not use dynamics or “physics” integration. I chose box collider to represent player collision. I find box collider to be … Read more

Progress report #1: Initial netcode and map editor exporting

Lately I have been working on initial netcode implementation. I have also added save/load and export functionality to the map editor. For netcode I almost copy pasted the functionality from older projects. The netcode is mostly based on the model described in Source Multiplayer Networking wiki-page. Here is a crude list of things I have … Read more

Lightmap baking on CPU using Embree and OpenImageDenoise

I wanted to have a portable lightmapper that is part of the map editor that will be shared with the community. Thus I chose to build CPU powered lightmapper. And to my amazement, it is really fast as OpenImageDenoise works like magic and the noisy path tracer result gets smoothed out. The lightmapper is based … Read more

Top reasons to develop your own game engine in 2021

Unreal Engine 5 is soon to be released with new groundbreaking features, Unity dark mode is finally free and Godot 4 plans to take over the indie gamedev community. Why as an indie dev, would you skip all of those (plus many other production-ready game engines) and build your own custom game engine in 2021? … Read more

Taking care of sound and audio in competitive FPS game

Audio is very important in games. Sounds gives clues and reference about the current game situation and environment the listener is in. Both silence and high volume sounds have their places, but is important that the audio volume levels are correct. In competitive FPS game, 3D positional audio plays important role when locating opponents. Headphones … Read more

Minimizing input latency for multiplayer FPS game

We feel that input latency should be as minimal as possible. Input latency affects the game feel and is especially important when the game requires fast reactions, such as fast-paced multiplayer FPS game. Threedly multiplayer FPS is also fast-paced and competitive. We take input latency seriously and do our best to minimize it. One part … Read more

Hello Threedly Game!

This is a first initial post of upcoming series about designing Threedly multiplayer FPS game for PC.